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School Announcements:

The school has an open morning on Tuesday 19th November for parents who are looking for a Reception place for September 2020.  The Head Teacher will be giving a presentation in the hall at 9:30am.  Children are very welcome!    There will also be an open evening on the same day starting at 7pm.    If you cannot make either of these please contact the school to arrange a tour.

Welcome to Orange class

Orange displayWe have had a very exciting first year at Banstead Infant School. We had great fun being builders in the autumn teOrange Pollockrm. We built houses for The Three Little Pigs and experimented with making different kinds of bridges for The Three Billy Goats Gruff to trot over. In the spring term we learned all about how to grow beans. We each planted one and waited to see how it grew. We kept bean diaries to show how the beans grew each week. We kept hoping one might be a magic beanstalk but none of them were.

During the summer term we were on the move. We learned about all kinds of different vehicles. You can see from our picture that ‘Oi! Get off Our Train’by John Burningham was one of our favourite stories. We were also lucky enough to go to Brooklands where we were able to sit in Concorde and ride a penny farthing! We have also learnt to be artists. Our picture shows how we used techniques made famous by the artist Jackson Pollock. We worked in groups to make our paintings. At the end of term we held a raffle so that our parents could win our works of art! Along with our friends in Green and Blue Classes we raised £209 for the charity which helps children with autism or epilepsy.

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