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School Announcements:

During this period of school closure we continue to be open for provision for vulnerable pupils and children of key workers. Irrespective of any closure or collaboration with another school, the safeguarding of all our children remains our top priority. At this time, our school will continue as normal in supporting our vulnerable children and if anyone has any questions regarding this they are asked to make contact with Mr Burbidge. Please contact the school if you have any queries.

About the Governors

Banstead Infant School

Where We Come From

Governors are required to act in the best interest of the school as a whole, not to represent any particular interest group.

We are elected or appointed as follows:

  • Parents. Elected by parents; must have at least one child at the school at the time of election. Are representative parents, not representatives of parents.
  • Staff. Elected by staff, must work at the school
  • Community. Asked by Governors to bring special expertise to the Governing Body
  • Head Teacher. The Head Teacher is usually a governor – We think this is vital, both Assistant Head Teachers also attend meetings, one is the elected staff member.


Governors are encouraged to attend regular training courses, events and workshops to improve their skills and for the overall development of the Governing Body.

All new governors attend two induction courses. Other courses cover specialist responsibilities and committee involvement.

To facilitate this, the school has bought into the Surrey Governor Training Package.

What We Do

Governors seek to maintain and improve standards of education. They: provide a Strategic View, act as a Critical Friend and ensure Accountability. Laws and regulations impose duties on governors, such as to:

  • Write and monitor the aims of the school
  • Monitor and evaluate the policies to be applied by the Head Teacher and staff
  • Ensure a Strategic Improvement Plan is drawn up
  • Ensure effective use of the school’s budget
  • Appoint, promote, support and discipline staff
  • Act as a link between the local community and the school
  • Draw up an action plan following a school inspection
  • Safeguard and promote the welfare of the children


The Governing Body meets twice a term during the autumn, spring and summer. The governing body meetings cover both strategic items such as, pupil progress, the school development plan, finance, staff development and infomation such as, the Head Teacher’s report, safeguarding and reviewing of policies. We feel this is essential so that all governors can fulfill their role in monitoring the school. Governors monitor the on-going strategic improvement plan through twice yearly monitoring visits and committee meetings.
Governors receive no remuneration for their duties and responsibilities as BIS school governors.

Who’s Who

Full name of GovernorCategoryTerm of OfficeAppointing BodyNominated OfficeCommitteesAttendance at Local Governing Body Meetings 2016-17
Mr Andrew Burbidge

Headteacher24.9.18Governing BodyN/AAll CommitteesPresent at all meetings: 7/7
Mrs Ann HenwoodStaff1.9.16 - 31.8.20Deputy HeadteacherStaff of SchoolAll CommitteesPresent at all meetings: 7/7
Mrs Joan Mary Hornsby

Community01.04.14 - 31.03.18Directors of TrustChair of Governors
LA Liaison (in case of allegations against the Head Teacher)
Staffing & Pay (Committee Chair)
Finance & Buildings
Head Teacher Performance Review
Present at all meetings:
Dr Ian Henry Rivens
Community01.04.14 - 31.03.18Directors of TrustVice-Chair
Finance & Buildings
Children in Care
Present at all meetings:
Mr David Keith Spilsbury
Community18.10.15 - 17.10.19Directors of TrustN/APresent at 6/7 meetings:
Mr Andrew WestonParentParentsN/A
Mrs Jenny Frances Blanks Parent23.05.16 to 22.05.20 ParentsN/AFinance and BuildingsPresent at all meetings:
GovernorName of Employer/OrganisationNature of BusinessNature of InterestDate Declared
Andrew Burbidge
Banstead Infant SchoolHead Teacher
Banstead Infant School
Nothing to declare28.9.18
Ann Henwood (Staff Governor)
Banstead Infant SchoolDeputy Head Teacher
Banstead Infant School
Nothing to declare28.9.18
Joan Hornsby (Community/Chair)

N/AN/ADirector of the Oaks Academy Trust by virtue of office28.9.18
Ian Rivens (Community/Vice-Chair)Institute of Cancer ResearchMedical / PhysicistNothing to declare28.9.18
David Spilsbury (Community) ConsultantEngineer EngineeringSpouse is a parent volunteer at the School28.9.18
Andrew Weston
City of London FreemansTeacherSpouse works as a TA at Banstead Infant School28.9.18
Jenny Frances Blanks (Parent)N/AN/AChair of the PTA until 29.9.1628.9.18