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Lovely to see everyone at the Leaver’s Disco on Saturday. Many thanks to all those who helped to set up, run a stall or clear up. Your help is very much appreciated. Concerts Monday and Tuesday 10.00 Look forward to seeing you there!
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About Us

Banstead Infant School is located in Banstead Village and adjoins the Banstead Junior School site. Our published admission number (the number of children we can accept for places) for 2013-14 is 90. Please go to the Policies section of the website (under the Parents tab) to see our admissions policy.

The school was built in 1989. The teaching areas surround an atrium, which is a large paved area with a glazed roof. In the main school building there are eight teaching bases are arranged in three units; each one has a practical and quiet area shared by the classes in that unit. There is a hall/gymnasium with purpose built floor surface, library/resource area and administrative offices. One Year 2 class has a new classroom opposite the main building. This has its own toilets, cloakroom and practical area. The school has its own grounds consisting of a playground, woodland walk, fantasy garden, outside classroom and a pond. The school day starts at 8.50am, with the register being taken at 9.00am. There is a morning playtime from 10.40am-11.00am Lunch is from 12.15pm to 1.35pm and the day ends at 3.20pm.

Two of the banners that hang in our central Atrium. These banners were made by the children during the summer of 2008, with the help of our artist in residence, Sam Emery.

There are 270 children in the school ranging from four to seven years old.

Children, including the able child and those with special educational needs, are taught as a whole class, often in small groups, and also as individuals, providing them with appropriate learning situations according to their age and ability.

Our school aims to prepare our children with the skills needed for their future by:

  • Providing a relevant, challenging and flexible curriculum that:
    • motivates and excites the children
    • teaches the knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve their very best
    • is rich and clear in purpose
    • meets the needs of all learners
    • happens everywhere
    • gives children the chance to discover their strengths
    • helps the children to make sensible life choices
    • develops the skills of enterprise
  • Teaching the children the ICT skills necessary to find, explore, evaluate, exchange and communicate information safely and effectively
  • Giving opportunities for the children to develop the skills of creativity in their learning: imagination, curiosity, being observant, experimental, disciplined, reflective, sociable and determined
  • Teaching the children how to be lifelong learners and to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. The children need to be resilient, resourceful, reflective and use reciprocity in their learning.
  • Teaching the children these key values: respect, responsibility, honesty, trust, co-operation and patience and for the children to use these in their everyday lives towards themselves, other people, creatures and their environment.
  • Working in partnership with the community for the benefit of everyone.

The curriculum is delivered through a two yearly cycle of topics for each year group. This year, 2013-14 the topics are as follows:
Reception: Once Upon a Time and Come on and Celebrate, Under our Feet and Planting and Growing
Year 1: To Infinity and Beyond, Making a Splash, Ship Ahoy
Year 2: Colourful Characters, Give us a clue, Far, far away

Each term parents receive a curriculum letter explaining how the subjects are taught. Click below for the current term.


Year 1

Year 2


We place a strong emphasis on the use of phonics as an early reading skill. We use a range of reading scheme books to support our teaching of phonics. Single and double sounds are taught throughout all three year groups, with daily phonics sessions. As the children become more fluent they are taught to use other strategies alongside their phonic knowledge. This results in children becoming fluent, expressive readers who have a love of reading.

ICT plays an important role in teaching and learning at Banstead Infant School. We have embedded the use of ICT across our curriculum and are currently using an excellent new resource from the TES.
Interactive Resources by TES iboard
There are free resources to support children’s learning and specific resources to support learning in numeracy can be found on the learning platform in the Red, Purple and Aqua Room.