School Announcements:

There is an online safety evening for parents on 4th February at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome.
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About Us

Banstead Infant School is located in Banstead Village and adjoins the Banstead Junior School site. Our published admission number (the number of children we can accept for places) for 2016-17 is 90. Please go to the Policies section of the website (under the Parents tab) to see our admissions policy.

Banstead Infant School is a school within the Oaks Academy Trust We established a multi-academy trust in April 2014 with Warren Mead Junior School because we are passionate about learning and wanted to build a family of schools to provide an outstanding education for our children. We believe that by working in close partnership with other schools our children, staff and school communities benefit from excellent and inspirational teaching, learning and leadership.

Banstead Infant School was built in 1989. The teaching areas surround an atrium, which is a large paved area with a glazed roof. In the main school building there are eight teaching bases are arranged in three units; each one has a practical and quiet area shared by the classes in that unit. There is a hall/gymnasium with purpose built floor surface, library/resource area and administrative offices. One Year 2 class has a new classroom opposite the main building. This has its own toilets, cloakroom and practical area. The school has its own grounds consisting of a playground, woodland walk, gardens, outside classroom and a pond. The school day starts at 8.50am, with the register being taken at 9.00am. There is a morning playtime from 10.40am-11.00am Lunch is from 12.00pm to 1.35pm and the day ends at 3.20pm.


Two of the banners that hang in our central Atrium.




There are 270 children in the school ranging from four to seven years old.

Children, including high achievers and those with special educational needs, are taught as a whole class, often in small groups, and also as individuals, providing them with appropriate learning situations according to their age and stage of learning. You can find out more about how we meet the needs of children who have special educational needs here.

Our school aims to prepare our children with the skills needed for their future by:

    Providing a rich, challenging and dynamic curriculum that: :

  • Teaches the knowledge and skills that enable all children to be confident successful learners particularly in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Teaches all children the computing skills and technical knowledge necessary to enable them to explore, evaluate, exchange and communicate safely and effectively
  • Teaches the children to be creative thinkers who use reasoning and are imaginative, curious, observant, investigative, co-operative, adventurous and determined
  • Teaches the children how to be lifelong learners who take ownership and responsibility for their learning through becoming resilient, resourceful, reflective and using reciprocity
  • Teaches the children these key values: respect, responsibility, honesty, trust, co-operation and patience, and for the children to use these in their everyday lives towards themselves, other people, creatures and their environment
  • Promotes partnership with the community for the benefit of everyone
  • Teaches the children to understand the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle

You can find out more about our curriculum by clicking on the ‘Parents’ tab at the top of the page.