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Thank you for all your donations for the Summer Fayre Tombola. Admission arrangements for September 2017 can be found in the policies section under the Parents tab at the top of the screen.
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About Us

Welcome to our school! This page explains our approach to learning and our aims. If you would like to know more, please contact the Head Teacher, Mrs Stephanie Storrar.

We are passionate about learning; our exciting, creative curriculum nurtures and inspires all children to be independent thinkers and learners. We plan for learning that promotes deep engagement, gives children motivation, courage and belief in their potential.

We embrace a ‘Learning without Limits’ ethos. We believe in the potential of every child so all the children are given the opportunity to develop the capacity to surprise themselves and those around them. They are taught to challenge themselves to build confidence and resilience. We ‘teach to the top’ to provide models of excellence, ensuring that support is given for those children who need it.

When they are learning the children support and help one another and it is recognised that everybody has a unique contribution to make; everybody can learn with and from everybody else.

Children are actively encouraged to learn from and with one another. They are expected and enabled to listen to, value and build on the ideas of others in their own learning. They learn to use each other’s resources to generate ideas, build confidence, support each other’s thinking, provide an audience and offer feedback.

We teach the children about growth mindset thinking which enables them to embrace learning and growth, to understand the role of effort in creating talent and to maintain confidence and effectiveness in the face of challenges and setbacks. The children learn that the brain is like a muscle that gets stronger with use and that it has the ability to grow and change. Practice and effort leads to success: I can’t do it … yet!

We teach the children the skills they will need for life. Children need to gain knowledge but they also need to know which skills to use in order to be successful and to be truly creative when tackling problems

We teach them the behaviours they need for successful learning in each subject. They learn the ‘habits of an expert’: to be observant, determined, co-operative, curious, imaginative, adventurous, investigative and to use reasoning. Alongside the habits the children are taught learning to learn skills of reciprocity, resourcefulness, resilience and reflectiveness.

The last Ofsted report for our school was in September 2006, with an interim report written in 2010. Both reports confirmed that Banstead Infant School is an outstanding school. We have not yet been inspected as an academy but we retain our outstanding rating.


Two of the banners that hang in our central Atrium.




There are 270 children in the school ranging from four to seven years old.

Children, including high achievers and those with special educational needs, are taught as a whole class, often in small groups, and also as individuals, providing them with appropriate learning situations according to their age and stage of learning. You can find out more about how we meet the needs of children who have special educational needs here.

Our school aims to prepare our children with the skills needed for their future by:

    Providing a rich, challenging and dynamic curriculum that: :

  • Teaches the knowledge and skills that enable all children to be confident successful learners particularly in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Teaches all children the computing skills and technical knowledge necessary to enable them to explore, evaluate, exchange and communicate safely and effectively
  • Teaches the children to be creative thinkers who use reasoning and are imaginative, curious, observant, investigative, co-operative, adventurous and determined
  • Teaches the children how to be lifelong learners who take ownership and responsibility for their learning through becoming resilient, resourceful, reflective and using reciprocity
  • Teaches the children these key values: respect, responsibility, honesty, trust, co-operation and patience, and for the children to use these in their everyday lives towards themselves, other people, creatures and their environment
  • Promotes partnership with the community for the benefit of everyone
  • Teaches the children to understand the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle

You can find out more about our curriculum by clicking on the ‘Parents’ tab at the top of the page.